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Wanna Write for us

Dear Reader,

We appreciate your visit to our site. Are you interested in writing for us on any of the following topics : Short Stories, Fashion, and other random  posts in our post categories ?

Kindly read through below to see our requirements.

  • No post’s content should have any hint of racism or bias tendency towards any group/race. 
  • Use of abbreviations is not allowed. 
  • Clarity is our priority as it speaks excellence. 
  • Pidgin Language is allowed if that will enable the message to be passed across in a proper manner. 
  • Post content sent in must be accompanied with a high quality photo to enables our visitor's interest to be well captivated. 
  • Publication of  your post sent in, is at the discretion of Administrator. However, writers would be contacted if the post is not published. 
  • Post content sent in should be original. 
  • No form of plagiarism would be allowed. 

Kindly send us mail on if interested.


Thank you.

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